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The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing many people to self-isolate.

This site is here to connect people in affected communities to support one another with essential tasks like food shopping or collecting medicine.

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Please share this tool and connect more vulnerable people in your community

About us

We're a passionate team of community-builders. This is a non-profit project, built by all of us on a voluntary basis.


Nick Bailey
Founder of Makesweat.com
Technical lead & occasional marathon runner. Nick started makesweat.com to help fitness class organisers take bookings and also works with international companies on big data analytics projects. He started LocalHelpers when he couldn't find a way to volunteer locally.
Vicky Yorke
Innovation lead at a UK charity
Innovation Lead and fancy-dress marathon runner. She began working with her charity over 6 years ago and is a passionate ambassador for the work that we do. Always ready to tackle the next challenge, her secret ambition is to compete on *SAS: Who Dares Wins*
Matti Ryan
Innovation Exec at a UK charity
Matti started with the Trust this year. A seasoned cabaret artist, you'll catch Matti organising drag shows and comedy nights in his spare time. Originally from America (no accent anymore though), he's fanatic about all things pop culture. If you can guess his middle names, he'll grant you three wishes.
Felicia Ayodele
Ops Coordinator at a UK charity
Felicia is a passionate project manager and loves all things cars (especially the Mini Series!). Felicia coordinates to ensure we're offering the best possible support to young people and businesses alike.

Other territories

Do you need this in your region? Get in touch via Nick's LinkedIn.


We can provide the international platform & tech while you manage your own volunteers & people in need.

We're talking with groups in North America - happy to put you in touch.

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Please share this tool and connect more vulnerable people in your community