Privacy & notification policy

LocalHelpers - Privacy policy

LocalHelpers is a volunteer led initiative to provide software tools to the care & medical sectors. As such, the integrity, privacy & security of the data we hold is our highest priority.

LocalHelpers is provided by a team including technical and security experts, and is already in use by UK borough council, who were satisfied with the risk controls in place.

For legal and compliance purposes, 'LocalHelpers' is by operated as a not-for-profit venture by Bailey Endeavours Ltd, registered in the UK and an established provider of software ( and IT consultancy services. Bailey Endeavours Ltd. is a registered data controller with the Information Commissoner's Office.

This document sets out exactly what we will do with the data we hold.


'Volunteers' - People who have signed up to with the intention of offering help, and in doing so consented to being on the platform. Volunteers can operate independently through our automatic local-volunteer service or by working with volunteering groups.

'Clients' - People whose data is held on LocalHelpers because

  1. it's been entered by volunteering groups (and hence the person may not know that their data is held on LocalHelpers) or
  2. a person has asked for their nearest 3 helpers (and hence is aware of the platform.)

Outbound communications from


LocalHelpers will send outbound communications only in these circumstances.

  1. When a client requests help through, the site will send one email to the client with a list of useful helpers.
  2. Where the client is helped by a volunteering group, the group may make use of to send direct emails & text messages to the client as necessary - this is always initiated by the group, not by LocalHelpers.
  3. will otherwise not send any communications to the client.

Volunteers may send outbound communications in the following circumstances.

  1. On signup, and during other account maintenance activities (password reset, etc.)
  2. Where an issue/warning is detected with the volunteer account.
    Notifications related to actions, e.g. when assigned an action.
  3. One reminder per day - list of due actions, etc.
  4. Where a volunteer is also a group administrator or group owner,
  5. LocalHelpers may send periodic updates about the use of the platform including new features and advice.

GDPR right to be forgotten

Clients whose data is held on LocalHelpers may make a request to have their data in line with GDPR regulations. Deletion requests should be sent to

Who we share your data with

We do not share data for any reason with any other organisations except as part of legal requirements - court order etc.


We specifically promise that your data is not, never and never will be shared with any marketing companies.